Spiral Dental Implant

Our spiral implant is a unique product based on traditional and proven design of tapered implant threaded balanced and dynamic self-drilling capability. Outstanding tapered implant symmetrical structure that contributes to balance efforts and equal distribution of possible loads during implantation and for the duration of use.

Internal hex connection
This series of implants with internal hex connection very high precision mechanical strength and guarantees long durability.

Implant Structure
The implant is built strong and stable body with durable blades that collect at the corners convene the soft bone and compressing it during implantation to ensure the uniform and high-quality platform for connecting the bone graft. The implants are equipped with uniform connection platform that allows the use of identical parts of rehabilitation after transplantation.

Anodized coating technology unique anti-bacterial process
The implants undergo anodized coating process which contributes to creating anti-bacterial shell on titanium raw. The coating is made from natural ingredients Food Standard \ Medicine and unattended polluting industrial materials. Anodized great extent contributes to the mechanical strength and maintaining internal connection implant restoration parts and prevents friction between bare metal, this procedure ensures long-term success of rehabilitation on implants.

Surface treatment unique approach
Our company has adopted the method of surface treatment based on technology SLA or the RBM using quality materials to create Topography required on the one hand and on the other hand has chosen , principle, not to use chemicals and industrial pollutants which the results in their use may be harmful after months\years during the break-up of chemicals. The company decided to use citric acid seem natural stabilized as a key component in the process of removing residues media which was sprayed on a dental implant during surface treatment.
The use of acid seem natural ensures that the implant will be absorbed very well and that will avoid situations of rejection of implants resulting from acid treatment consisting of aggressive industrial chemicals that have the feature break-up after a certain period. This process is unique to our company and is based on years of experience and hundreds of thousands of implants manufactured and implanted around the world.

   ∅2.90 ∅3.30 ∅3,750 ∅4.20 ∅5.00 ∅6.00
6mm X X
16mm X

The recommendations presented in this drilling Protocol, based on long experience of specialists in the world. However it is important to examine each case on its merits based on the physician’s ability to perform the procedure, and the state of the patient’s jaw implant transpires with the beginning and there may be changes according to the situation.
In principle, we recommend using a drill that its diameter smaller than the diameter of the implant, in the case of soft bone condition. Also, consider using a similar drill diameter implant intended for implantation in the case of hard bone in order to avoid trauma to the bone and ensure rapid bone building around the implant.

  Ø2.0 Ø2.5 Ø2.8 Ø3.2 Ø3.65 Ø4.2 Ø5.2