Quality Inspection

- Our company manufactures medical-dental products during application and adaptation most stringent workmanship standards in the industry.

- The company’s products are tested in the production process and in the transition between the various productions stages by qualified inspectors in accordance with the specifications defined of production procedures.

- Our company is working constantly to improve the quality policy and ensuring maximum quality level of the company’s products, all to ensure excellent products and customer satisfaction.

- SwissTek manufactures six type of dental implants and wide variety of prosthetic parts, as well as using extremely innovative clean-green surface treatment, one switching platform for all diameters components which enable the dentist to maintain minimal inventory of prosthetic parts.

- Our company is certified to ISO13485-2012 and carries the CE-1023.

Spiral Dental Implant
Internal Hex Connection

Conical Spiral Implant
Internal Hex Connection

Maintained Active Implant
Internal Hex Connection